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I’m talking about experiencing multiple soulgasms because the different components of your life are so in sync and beautiful that you gush glee from every pore?

Let’s spread those wings and take the jump, Boo. 

Don’t sweat, I’m right beside you.


I know where you are because I’ve been where you are. 

You’ve been struggling with this for a while and now you’re wondering if you could use some help.  I know what you’re thinking…”Strong black women don’t need help; we’ve been honed for battle…”

Don’t believe the hype…that’s a LIE. 

The strongest women have community Sis.


You’ve been working hard every day at a job that doesn’t serve you and home life doesn’t feel so hot either.  By everybody’s account, including your own, you should feel super blessed but something feels off.  You’ve devoured books, articles and podcasts that teach you how to be happy but you’re still starving for real life.  You feel frustrated because you’re doing all the right things but nothing’s working.

“Life shouldn’t be this hard, what am I doing wrong?”

Nothing, Love.  But maybe it’s time to get a little help, yeah?

Trust me, I felt the same way.  It was hella hard for me to take a hand and tap into my own community because I felt like I should go it alone. 

I battled back and forth with unmotivation, distraction, confusion and depression.  I told myself that I just needed to find the key and work harder; that I could achieve success and happiness on my own – “After all, those people on Instagram are doing it!” 

I got hooked into the superwoman stereotype – the strong (black) woman who could do it all with no help. 

To quote the great Drake, "Nails done, hair done, everything did!"

Once I broke that tired record, hired my own coach and started honoring my truest voice, I started experiencing legit, overflowing JOY.


That’s why I started this practice focusing on helping black women achieve soulful living.

Soulful Living (def.) – To satiate one’s deepest soul desires in life, love, work and play

I created a holistic coaching program that will help you:

  • Embark on a new chapter of your life that is filled with deep purpose, joy and realness

  • Comprehensively evaluate your current career state and create a clear roadmap to true professional bliss

  • Customize a self-care practice for yourself that keeps you in a perpetual state of centeredness and contentment

  • Cultivate a community that mutually affirms you, supports your success and takes you to your next level of desired growth

  • Have a compelling personal mission that guides all your decisions – even the stickiest ones

And whatever else the hell you wanna do because this is YOUR life, Girl!  Let’s get to LIVING!

Our Services

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