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While you’re out there feeding everybody else, does that mean you have to starve in the process?


You’re carrying the weight of your family, your friends and your community on your shoulders and my, my is it heavy.  And in the meantime, nobody’s stopped to really ask, “How are you doing, Boo?” and mean it with all their hearts.

Well I’m not only asking but promising if you work with me, I’ll keep asking and advocating for your best interest.

With me, you’ll be able to unload, unwind and unleash the grandest vision and version of yourself.


The way I approach this work is by serving the whole black woman.  Recognizing that her innate purpose, work, relationships, creative power and more are all interconnected and permanently plugged into to her spiritual core.  To really fulfill your soul, we need to elevate and celebrate all the aspects of who you are.

I know this because when I segregated these parts of myself and tended to them independent of each other, I was left wanting and discombobulated.  It wasn’t until I nourished my whole being, I was born anew.

I also do this with an utmost commitment to emotional safety and spiritual freedom.  When you come into “my house,” you are free to be you unapologetically and unconditionally.

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The You-Phoria-90 Coaching Program is our 1:1 coaching package that caters to your whole self from life to career to relationships.  And it’s entirely customized according to your most pressing needs in this moment.  It’s all about YOU Boo!


Here’s what you get with this power-punched package:


  • Virtual Visioning Kickoff

    • This entails a 2-hour visioning and self-love sesh we will uncover where you are in the seven central elements of life including love, purpose, health and wealth and co-create a map for where you want to be. 

  • Bi-Weekly 90-minute coaching sessions

    • In our bi-weekly coaching session, we'll continue to work together and discuss progress in creating your own personal You-Phoria.​

  • Unlimited email love and support

    • You will receive unlimited email support, pep talks and sparks of inspiration when you need it via email. ​

  • Impactful Worksheets and Assessments

    • From our You-Phoria Whole Wellness Assessment to Owning Your Signature Spark which helps you identify and articulate what makes you uniquely powerful and magical - we have a host of worksheets and assessments to get to the root of you.

  • Virtual Transition Session - This 2-hour session provides thoughtful reflection, guidance and a clear path and plan forward so you will have self-accountability and sustainability after our bi-weekly sessions have officially ended.

Here’s how you will feel after investing in the You-Phoria-90 Coaching Program:


  • More supported and affirmed from having a fierce partner, cheerleader and ally in your corner

  • Increased focus on high-impact actions to take you to your next level

  • Improved confidence in being able to articulate your special black girl magic

  • Inner peace from getting hyper-focused on self-care and also aligning your actions with your values and divine purpose

  • And more and more and more!

How much is the investment for this all this life-giving goodness?

Right now, we are offering this package for $2,500 for a 90-day coaching engagement (limited time only)

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute consultation to decide if the You-Phoria-90 Coaching Package is right for you!

FREE Consultation

Book a FREE 30 minutes with me to see if we go together like rice and peas!

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